Litigation Support

Litigation Support is a broad term used to describe the specialized assistance that many law firms, legal departments, and individuals who initiate personal or commercial litigation need to be successful in winning their cases.

Discovery is a process by which the opposing sides exchange case-relevant information intended for trial. It is imperative that every piece of evidence is thoroughly examined, analyzed, and properly vetted. Litigation support specialists must ensure that proper forensic services are considered, that all investigative processes, including evidence handling, are appropriately completed, and that all relevant witnesses are located and interviewed. Additionally, witness statements must be reviewed by a professional trained in statement analysis and have the expertise to confront and expose inconsistencies and deception.

With over 30 years of criminal investigation experience, Code 4 Consulting & Private Investigations possess the skills, training, and expertise you need. Our litigation services have you covered from criminal procedure to expert witness testimony and evidence evaluation to statement analysis.