Missing Persons Investigations

People go missing for a variety of reasons. In general, missing persons fall into two distinct categories, voluntary and involuntary. Unless a person intentionally and voluntarily goes missing, either to purposely avoid location or are attempting to get off the “grid,” a missing person case will most likely be reported to local law enforcement. As a former law enforcement professional, I understand the complexities of a missing person case. I also understand the emotional distress families experience when loved ones go missing.

Local law enforcement agencies receive numerous missing person reports each year. According to the LVMPD website, “an average of 5-7 adults are reported missing each day and more than 200 each month (2022).” These investigations take time and resources law enforcement may not have. This is when you need a private investigator!

Every successful missing person investigation begins with collecting critical information and timely follow-up on all leads. Code 4 Consulting & Private Investigations will meet with you to obtain detailed information about your loved ones, including photos, descriptions, relationships, friends, associates, and routines such as lifestyle, work, and travel. Technology such as phones, computers, and other devices will also be necessary. Code 4 Consulting & Private Investigations utilizes a variety of databases, OSINT information, and technology resources to aid in the investigation. The process of looking for and tracking missing family members can take time, but we are committed to helping our clients reconnect. We understand the sensitive and emotional nature of locating your missing loved ones, and we promise to give your case the attention it deserves. We will search for as long as you need our assistance!

If foul play is not suspected, you should know that it is not a criminal matter for an adult to go voluntarily missing. Suppose Code 4 Consulting & Private Investigations locates a missing person of adult age, and they do not want their location to be disclosed. In that case, we will provide them with any message that you, their loved one, wish to pass on along with all necessary contact information. Confidentiality is crucial in such matters.

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Skip Trace investigations can be quite complicated, and it takes considerable skill, knowledge, and intuition to locate these individuals successfully. In such cases, people avoid detection and location for the following reasons:

Code 4 Consulting & Private Investigations utilizes various databases, OSINT information, social media, and sound investigative principles to locate the hard-to-find.